2 Security Systems - Access Control Systems and Wireless Intruder Alarms

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There are many types of security systems like access control systems and wireless alarm systems available today. But are you that familiar with them? If no, then you should take a look at the brief descriptions of these two types of security systems given below. It could be useful if you ever need to get one of these systems in the future.

Access Control Systems: These security setups are typically used to control access to a premise, whether it is residential or commercial. Though mostly used in offices, hotels and other big organizations, they can be found in use in a few posh condominiums and apartment buildings. Such systems are supposed to allow access to only authorized persons, who are supplied either special keys or cards, to let them get inside the premise. As they often record the time when such authorized persons go in or out, they also double up as time and attendance management systems in offices.

 Access control systems are typically equipped with a control pad which you swipe with a card, or insert a key into. The most advanced systems use biometric signatures of the authorized people, like their fingerprints, or iris patterns. They are often connected to electronic doors which open only when the system has verified the credentials of the person. In addition, there are often video and audio intercom systems for further security, in case someone misappropriates the key fobs or cards from authorized persons. You can fit access controls for a single door or hundreds, depending on your security needs.

Wireless Intruder Alarms: Wireless intruder alarms are most often used in homes, especially in detached and stand alone properties, though they are not uncommon in big apartments and commercial premises as well. These intruder alarms do not actually stop intruders; they instead alert you to their presence, helping you and the police stop them before they commit any crime. Such wireless alarms are often monitored by a security agency, from an alarm receiving centre. They alert you and the police in case of any emergency. Some wireless systems also have the provision of informing the fire department, with smoke detectors being part of the setup.

A wireless alarm system typically has motion sensors, which can detect motion by measuring the infra-red or ultrasonic radiation (or other variables) in a given space. It could also include glass break sensors, and smoke detectors, as mentioned. A wireless alarm system is not totally wire-less; the central control panel has to be connected through your telephone cable to the alarm monitoring centre. However, all the sensors are wireless and send their signals to the panel without any cables. This makes them hard to disable, especially if the main control is hidden in a safe place.

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2 Security Systems - Access Control Systems and Wireless Intruder Alarms

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2 Security Systems - Access Control Systems and Wireless Intruder Alarms

This article was published on 2012/03/01