A Web-based CRM System or Full Package Software – Which One is Better?

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When managers want to make a decision about a CRM system, they first have to choose the type of CRM they will be implementing – full package or web-based solution. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages and you need to be aware of them to make the best decision for your company. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages:

1. Full package solutions

- You need to install the software on each PC in your company. Next time you want to get an update, it will happen all over again. The same refers to new applications and features related to the system. Moreover, additional features and updates for the system are paid for.

- The only computers you can use CRM on are the ones, which have undergone the installation process.

- Communicating with clients is separated from the system and the data needs to be added after a contact with a client.

- The interface of the CRM solution is very difficult to work with and requires help from experts.

- If your software is not updated on time, you could lose clients to companies that have newer software.

- You cannot train all of your staff members to use the system so only the ones that have undergone the special training can benefit from the software.

- There is a delay in services and they cost a lot.

- If something happens to the hardware in your company all your data will be lost because you do not have any back-ups for it.

- The format of the information can cause problems if you want to manage it with other systems.

- Your company will need to hire special employees that will maintain the system and update it.

- You will need to pay for licenses, installation fees, and much more every time you buy an update so you will end up using older versions of CRM because it is easier.

2. Web-based CRM

- You do not need to install anything. The only thing needed is Internet and a password for the system.

- The updates are carried out centrally and are not paid for.

- The updates are very dynamic and do not cause any troubles for you.

- The system is connected to the channels for contacting customers, which leads to reduced costs and higher effectiveness of the communication between the organization and the customers.

- The interface of the system is very simple and has many languages so it can easily be used by anyone.

- The process of servicing clients and recording information is very effective and aids the work of all departments.

- The connection to the Internet makes transactions quicker and more convenient.

- All the data has back-ups and cannot be lost.


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For more information about the pros and cons of web-based CRM (you may find useful to know that the translation of this term in German is web-basiertes CRM), follow this link.

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A Web-based CRM System or Full Package Software – Which One is Better?

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A Web-based CRM System or Full Package Software – Which One is Better?

This article was published on 2013/10/05