Can System Mechanic Really Help Repair Your Computer?

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One of the more popular registry cleaning programs available. It is designed to detect and repair registry errors on your computer, helping it to run faster and with less problems. But does System Mechanic really live up to its claims? System Mechanic was designed by the company iolo. iolo is a Microsoft Certified partner. This means that the company must meet certain standards outlined by the Microsoft corporation. This ensures that you receive a high quality product.

According the System Mechanic, the program works a PC startup optimizer, hard disk repairer, registry cleaner, secure file wiper, degragmenter, application uninstaller, and more. Once System Mechanic does its job, your computer should run faster and crash less often. We will look at whether or not System Mechanic works and how well it does its job.

The operator control board pulls up once System Mechanic completes installation. New and expert computer users should find the control board easy to use and easy to understand. On the control board, there is a gauge that indicates how your computer is doing. Unfortunately, however, System Mechanic places advertisements for their other products on the control board as well. While this isn’t really an issue with software performance, it can be a little annoying.

Once your computer’s status is determined, the program offers the choice to either automatically repair the errors or customize the tasks performed. System Mechanic really shines in this area. After all of the repair options are selected, System Mechanic indicates how the changes can affect the PC. This is a direct contrast to many registry cleaners that simply rip through your PC, making changes without informing you of how they can affect your computer’s future.

A progress bar is provided, once the repairs start, that indicate what repairs are being made and the progress the software is making. These initial repairs are generally repaired rather quickly. However, hard drive errors may require a system restart. Hard drive errors can end up taking a great deal of time to repair.

System speed and performance do seem improved once the system restarts. Desktop startup is faster, internet speed is increased, and applications load faster. These all indicate good cleaning and repair.

Unfortunately, the software fails to indicate how it performed this cleaning and repair. This can be a little frustrating, especially for users who want to know why and how their PC was repaired. However, this problem is still rather minor.
Overall, System Mechanic has proven to be a high quality registry cleaner that really can enhance your computer’s performance. The claims the company makes seem to hold true and all issues found were minor when considering how well the software works. In the end, we found System Mechanic to be a worthwhile investment.

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Can System Mechanic Really Help Repair Your Computer?

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Can System Mechanic Really Help Repair Your Computer?

This article was published on 2011/05/27