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The 21st century, information Technology The widely used and promoted the rapid development of related industries, the industrial revolution in this digital wave, China's transportation industry is experiencing a new life changes to highway traffic, represented by information technology is quietly changing our travel environment, it was envisaged in the smart highway is not a dream.

Since 1984 China began building the first start-Hangzhou Highway, Highway ---- (15.9 km long), to more than two decades now, the end of 2008, the total mileage of expressways open to traffic reached 60,300 km, Road network has been basically formed, with a total length of the second largest in the world. Highway Monitoring System Also started from scratch, from small to large, from the imitated abroad, to fully designed and developed for the relevant country Standard Achieved considerable success. In particular, in recent years, along with China's rapid economic development, information on the highway also shows the need for highly intelligent, highly information-oriented, highly diverse characteristics of the design are even more astonishing, emerged in many characteristics, innovative projects.

Highway monitoring mainly include highways, toll of two parts, look at the entire industry, often face the following problems:

1. Why should we set up network monitoring system?
China's expressway started late, but the development is faster. However, because each province and the economic gap between the different basis of pre-construction, the development of various provincial highways are not the same. But the video images, traffic flow data in real-time updating and sharing is get around the traffic control department of the generally accepted, especially in the already completed the digital area, but need a unified network monitoring system to ensure the province's data to share and update.

Various control points, monitoring and control center to monitor real-time upload the data to the provincial center, the provincial center on the collection of data for statistical analysis and processing, to the corresponding chart is displayed, and the provincial centers can achieve sub-center monitoring system , variable information panels, variable speed limit signs and other traffic control devices induced, so that the road who know the latest traffic information, managers can monitor real-time traffic conditions to achieve the unity of the use and monitoring.

2. Expressway generally located in remote, how to set up Security Reliable monitoring system?
Highway link between the city and its natural space with a large span, poor environment, maintenance costs are higher characteristic, the most typical is the U.S. interstate highway. Based on these characteristics, highway Video Surveillance Equipment must have the following characteristics, namely, technology is mature, stable, safe, reliable, cost-effective and highly information.

Combination of digital video Market Point, after a demonstration proposed codec plus the way optical fiber transmission. The extension of the highway laying fiber-optic line can transmit video and reverse control signals. Optical fiber transmission distance, signal failure to reduce the price and economical for long distance transmission, once laid, can be used year round, and effectively reduce later maintenance costs, and other systems, and network monitoring system interoperability The completion of a very large role in promoting both.

3. How old and new systems, the compatibility of different devices?
Current highway development, mainly in order to Optical Matrix-based analog surveillance system and digital monitoring system. And each region of the system and other supporting facilities are different, how the system of post-expansion and superior system of networking, we are facing reality. Digital video introduction to these issues advanced systems specifically Solutions , Can easily achieve the upgrading of the old section of the expansion work on the different stages to achieve the reunification of compatible products, and equipment and other manufacturers can achieve mutually control each other series each solution. The design of a modular design concept, the introduction of the concept of the device virtual layer can be smooth and compatible with many different types of product manufacturers, the greatest degree of protection of the user's investment, to solve the problem of system compatibility. With the new section of each province

monitor completion of the project and the gradual transformation of the old section of the completion of a fully reliable and useful network monitoring system as an inevitable choice. As the largest areas of video transmission equipment suppliers and system solutions provider of digital networking of digital video surveillance has a profound understanding of network monitoring system in the building of Chongqing has played a pivotal role in helping partners to achieve region-wide video network surveillance.

Highway network monitoring system is the section of real-time video images, traffic information, road closed to traffic conditions, traffic conditions, weather data, environmental data within the tunnel, the working status of field equipment, all kinds of alarms such as real-time anomaly, and the construction of the edited summary of information through communication network control center immediately uploaded to the road, monitoring sub-centers and provincial monitoring center, the provincial center of the various data collected for statistical analysis and processing, to tables and curves show that for all the work of field equipment status to icon display, and by issuing control commands to the appropriate sub-center monitoring system, variable information on the boards, variable speed limit signs and other traffic guidance equipment control, this easy walk on the road are the latest road conditions, so that managers can monitor real-time traffic information, to the use and monitoring of unity.
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Digital Video Of Road Traffic Video Monitoring Technology (figure) - Traffic, Video Surveillance -

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