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Just imagine no more keys are required to access your home or office! Your finger itself is all the keys! You don't need to carry a bunch of keys every time for multiple door accesses. Fingerprint access system enables you a keyless entry by verifying your identity. Just put your thumb or index finger (or any specified finger) in the finger print scanner. The system then compares the finger print with that in the central database for authentication. The whole process may take less then one second.


If you are a landlord you don't have to worry about tenants failing to return keys on moving out another apartment. You don't have to change the keys for security reasons upon moving out the tenants as you are the system manager and you can delete that user at the push of a button. As a system manager you have total control over the system and you can give the authority of system manager to other people you wish while still remaining your authority power. If the sensor of the system should not work as intended, there is an alternative fallback mechanism. It might be a built-in PIN number or mechanical keys that can override the sensor settings.


Finger print recognition is considered one of the safest and most secure methods of access control (you can lose a key, but you can't lose your finger!). The system only recognizes live fingerprints, copied fingerprints are instantly rejected. Each time a person opens the door, the time and date will be recorded automatically so you can track and monitor every person when enter. This function allows the system to be employed in offices, factories or organizations to record employee attendance. Automation in attendance system is an effective method to maintain employee attendance and to regulate your office with an up to date manner. Most of the modern devices have fast TCP/IP network communication as well as popular USB flash disk function to upload and download users' attendance logs. Modern devices can also detect your skin changing pattern in your finger and hereby minimize false rejection of fingerprint.

You can employ fingerprint access systems in your apartment building, office or factory and the device can be easily installed without wiring on the door.

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Fingerprint Access Systems

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This article was published on 2010/10/07