Home Theater Format Decisions

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Everyone loves playing games and watching movies on a recently purchased HDTV with a big flat screen, it's the best. But the experience can be better, it starts with television but there is more to consider. You have two choices of the components types to watch the movies on, so that decision still has to be made before your system is complete.

DVDs are very prominent and most people have them now, so you can continue with that format. They do have a fabulous picture up on that big flat screen HDTV but there is an additional step up option. There is another option within the disc family that can give you more. It began with a choice between the next generation discs, the choice was either HD-DVD or the Blu-ray disc offering from Sony Corporation.

For many people, they weren't sure what was going to take over as the next big format change, but Sony's decision to include a Blu-ray player in every Playstation 3 home console proved to be the difference. By having the option to watch DVD's and the option to try Blu-ray, the owners of the machines by default help end the format war that really didn't get started.

So in the HD format battle the BD is the best. Watching the BD on your new HDTV compares to the experience of watching VHS compared to DVD, but even better. The manufacturers can fit an amazing amount of information on the BD, they can't even fill up a whole BD. The whole Lord of the Rings series plus the extras can fit on one of these discs. This is like having six to eight regular DVD's, an amazing amount of information can be put on the BD.

With all that information on the Blu ray disc it's great but it looks even better, in addition the changes to the game experience is fantastic. They can take what would be a whole library of floppy discs and cartridges and have it all on one disc with some extra room available, it's so convenient. Then choosing the sound system is like icing, it completes the system, be sure to pick a good system as the sound is so important to the whole experience.

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Home Theater Format Decisions

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This article was published on 2010/07/23