How to Get Rid Of the Windows Debug System Virus

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Windows debug System virus, is a fake rouge anti- spyware which disguises or in other words camouflages itself as an anti – malware program. This virus is spread with the help of Trojan viruses. Windows debug system virus is downloaded to your system and installed without your permission. This Program tries to give the appearance as it is legitimate Microsoft anti-malware software. But don't be fooled by this virus. It's a way this virus uses to capture your attention and trust.

Windows debug system virus alerts you with several security alerts which will look as if it's real. For example it displays alerts such as,

System Security warning
Attempt to modify registry key entries is detected. Register entries analysis is recommended
Name: firefox.exe
Name: C:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe

Application that seems to be a key-logger is detected. System information security is at risk. It is recommended to enable the security mode and run total system scanning.

Well, there's a quote "Never judge a book by its cover!" It is well suited to Windows debug system virus. Never trust its fake alerts. It starts to scan your computer and alerts you that all these threats can be fixed only after you purchase the full version of Windows debug system.

Windows debug system virus collects your personal and financial information. It corrupts your files and folders. It also lowers your computer's performance. Cyber criminals will be able to access your personal and financial information. Then these criminals will be able to perform illegal transactions in your name and you may end up as a criminal too!

So, how to get rid of the Windows debug system virus? There are two ways to get rid of it. You can do it with a legitimate virus removal tool or you can do it manually. Doing this manually is recommended only for users, who are capable to troubleshoot the registries. But this is high risk and if you mess it up it may end with data loss. Or you can uninstall this virus with a recommended legitimate malware removal tool.

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How to Get Rid Of the Windows Debug System Virus

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This article was published on 2011/04/06