How To Remove System Tool 2011 From Your PC

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System Tool 2011 is not a real antivirus program, instead it was created by hackers who want to steal your valuable personal information and con you into purchasing a registration code that will unlock the full version, which ultimately will do nothing. This program will keep on displaying various pop-ups containing fake scan results while slowing your PC and disabling several features of Windows such as Internet access, Task Manager. It tried to trick you into believing that your system is infected with serious threats. The only real threat in your system is the System Tool 2011 program itself and you must get rid of it completely and as quickly as possible. This tutorial will enable you to remove the virus easily.

What Is This System Tool 2011

The infection in your system is caused by a "malware" (sometimes referred to as malicious software) virus that can install itself onto your system without your knowledge. The effects of the System Tool 2011 Virus are very devastating and the program was designed to look very professional. This is the reason it has already prompted many users all over the world into purchasing the false upgrade. This virus can stop many programs from running properly. If you are experiencing serious problems in your PC because of this infection, you must not trust the false upgrade and be able to get rid of the virus completely.

How To Remove System Tool 2011

The way to get rid of the System Tool 2011 infection is to first stop the application from running, and then remove all the infected files & settings that it will have placed on your PC. The fake infection you'll have is a piece of software, meaning that in order to get rid of it by performing an "uninstall" rather than a virus removal. Most people make a mistake of trying to get rid of use an "anti-virus" program to get rid of the infection that your computer - but this won't work to remove it because the infection will continually block the various scanning engines that anti-virus tools will use. In order to properly remove System Tool 2011, it's vital you are able to remove all of its program files by either manually deleting them or using an automated piece of software (called a "malware removal tool").


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How To Remove System Tool 2011 From Your PC

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This article was published on 2010/12/27