Irrigation System Installation - An Overview

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An irrigation system is a superficial arrangement of water application to the soil. it is used for the helping the growth process of various agricultural crops, maintaining the landscape and treating defective soil in dry vegetation areas. Irrigation systems are especially important when there is a dearth of rainfall. The other uses of an irrigation system include controlling weed growth in fields, preventing soil erosion, sewage disposal, and protecting plants against frost.

Irrigation system installation is an intricate process that requires the help of the professionals. There are several types of irrigation systems available in the market. Each system has its own way of collecting water from a source and distributing it to the field. The goal is, however, the same - each plant receives necessary amount of water. let us take a look at some of the common types of irrigation systems


Surface irrigation systems involve water movement across a field through the process of simple gravity with the aim wetting the whole area and infiltrating the soil surface. Surface irrigation system is further classified into basin, furrow and borderstrip irrigation systems.


This type of irrigation system is the one that helps in distributing water under a low pressure through a network of tubes. The pattern is generally preset. The common irrigation systems like drip, sprinkler and spray systems fall under this group.


This system is also known as trickle irrigation system. this involves a mechanism through which water is transferred to the root zones of plants in a field. If performed properly, this system can prove to be a water-efficient process. Drip irrigation system when combined with plastic mulch, helps in reducing evaporation.


Sprinkler systems involve water movement in one or more focal destinations within the area with the help of sprinklers. Sprinkler irrigation system installation can be done in a way so as to direct water on an automatically movable mechanism. Central pivot irrigation system is the one that comprises of a number of pipes that are connected together.


This system is ideal for larger areas. In this system, the sprinklers are designed to reach a height of about 100 feet. The mouth of the sprinkler that is used in this system can rotate in a circular motion and can reach greater distances.

Irrigation system installation process should be left to the professionals who are adept in this field. This can avoid any chance of faulty installation and the problems occurring from that.

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Irrigation System Installation - An Overview

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This article was published on 2011/07/21