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JomSocial social networking can make your group public or private. Public group can be joined by any site members so this is perfect if you want to create a fan club of yourself.

Each group can have its own photo and video gallery. You can share the media with your group members. In JomSocial 2.0, groups are more flexible, letting users create an event for their groups. Now it is even easier to create a meet up, specifically for your favorite bunch.

Expert JomSocial developers create highly configurable templates. Professional JomSocial programmers are experts in integrating components like JUGA, PUArcade, JReviews, Gift Registry, Virtue Mart, Alpha Register, Alpha User Points, Agora forum, etc. This content is adapted from JomSocial dot com; original content owned by JomSocial.

Wall post is a general message board while discussion board is more to topic-specified discussion. These are the essential tools to keep your group active.

Admins hold the power and responsibility to moderate all content in the group. Promote additional admins to help with this great task. As an option, admins can be set to receive notification of new content or new join requests.

Stream your recent community activity feeds in real time. Everyone loves to find out the up to the minutes’ activities on your community, such as latest wall posts, blog entries, comments, pictures, and videos shared by the members.

JomSocial's social networking software summarizes and displays all activities on one page with links to all of the original items. While the system automatically summarizes the content for the activities to reduce redundancy, it allows you further customize your activity stream features such as aggregated activities and integrate with user points system.

Whether it's a gorgeous photo or a funny reply, you will get a sneak peek of it. Current version of activity stream will tell you more about new comments, videos, photos or discussions posted, so you can check the interesting ones.

One great way to encourage members' participation is to reward them with points. JomSocial user points system allows you to reward points to user activities, the more activities the user, the more points. The points system can easily be customized and integrated with third party plug-ins.

JomSocial is created to make lots of new friends, re-connect with old ones, share relationships about common interests, or link with other members as professionals.

JomSocial's powerful search feature makes it easy to search friends with specific criteria. JomSocial has a friend invite system – send out emails inviting friends from the address book to participate in the social network.

Expert JomSocial developer makes it easier to install social networking on your site. JomSocial developer designs web application on the social engine that is built from ground up and comes with many features out of the box. JomSocial programmers can easily enable social networking to collaborate with the community.

Invite friends with newly revamped JomSocial's Invite System. It is more interactive and goes very easy on the eye. It also includes comprehensive API which allows 3rd party developers to easily integrate invitations into their own application. This is a good way to get more members participating into brand new JomSocial community.

Certain information is too sensitive to share with the public. JomSocial understands this and offers the feature to hide select information.

Good friends light up your life, and therefore must be chosen carefully. With JomSocial Friends Approve system, choose by accepting or rejecting them.

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JomSocial's search function is powerful enough to find members of a community that match certain criteria and produce the results. In JomSocial 2.0, just save the search result and a link will be automatically created and users can easily access these listings from the menu, for this utilize jomsocial programmer and jomsocial experts properly.

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JomSocial Social Network Developers

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This article was published on 2012/02/22