Need amendments in Justice System!

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Crime is increasing at an alarming rate throughout the world. And with the increasing economic crisis, things are getting worst. Everywhere in the world, there is so much distrust amongst the people, they are scared of losing their jobs and hence ready to do any dam crime. In such a situation if the Justice systems are not strong enough, how would it all be controlled? Do you think the Justice system is running its normal way? Are there any amendments required in the Offender Management system? Indeed, looking at the legal system, we strongly recommend some changes in the system so that the crime can be located fast and the judgement can be given almost immediately.

Well, the situation in the Justice systems has various loopholes, which needs to be identified first and then removed. There are various cases which are there in the court for so many years and still there is no judgement on them. This is a total waste of time and resources. The government need to understand the need of a good system where the justice can be granted and criminal can get severe punishment. What is happening these days, crime is done and criminal know the legal shortfalls, which they use for their benefit. Most of the criminals have good knowledge about the judicial system and thus make full use of it. Only the innocent people get trapped in the legal battles and get sufferings but no justice. The real accused always get easy run from the legalities and live a life with comfort.

In court hearings, the evidence is created falsely by buying the witnesses or by manipulating the whole scenario. The real witnesses never reach the court, either they are killed or are bribed.

All the documents related to the case can be manipulated including the medical reports. Everyone is ready to get bribed and this is what the criminal’s en-cash. Offender Management system world over is getting worst day by day, which is mainly due to the corrupt nature of individuals. Nobody wants to bring the truth in public, unless they themselves fall into trouble. This is really a sign of danger for the whole society. It is a virus which is making the whole world dirty with their bad intentions and ugly thoughts. We as normal citizens have to raise a voice against this injustice, which is badly affecting the whole judicial system.

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Need amendments in Justice System!

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Need amendments in Justice System!

This article was published on 2011/11/08