Petroleum Fleet Management with On board computer

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On board computers offer open standard form factors, processors, operating systems. It can be really useful for telecommunications and industrial automation and other embedded applications. Now on board computers are complete computers built on a single circuit board. These devices are now usually defined across two distinct industrial manufacturers.

On board computers are specially designed for fuel delivery fleets. These truck mounted computers are particularly inter-connected with back office system to control the whole procedure. There is no slots and slot support of this system. By providing all the required system with no provision for plug in cards, applications such as industrial automation and machine control are best fir for this type of computer. These are powerful and have a vast difference than normal computers.

Literally speaking, every computer is provided with a basic input and output system. This is set up on the computer’s motherboard and has control over the most basic operations. Aside from having full control, this is also responsible for starting the computer up and initializing the hardware.

Now on board computers are plugged into a back plane to provide for operational cards. What a back plane does is connects several printed circuit boards together to make up a complete computer system and is usually called the backbone of the component.

These radio remote controls are mainly used in industrial environments where they are used in rack mount format for process control over other devices to provide interfacing. Now most of the truck owners are dependent upon on board computer due to its durability and versatility. This is often safe and smaller and lighter. At the same time it is more power efficient than comparable multi board computers.

This industrial radio remote control system has a complete asset management system. The system has reliable interface with all truck systems. The complete product reconciliation between fuels loaded and delivered. The system has a real time communiqué system between truck and back offices system.

The unique feature of this system is when it is ordered with optional ProControl 2 handheld the operator need to scan a customer tank mounted RFID tag prior to pump engagement. The users address and account data is automatically displayed as the truck enters the customer’s yard by using GPS and database.

In addition, the driver confirms the customer location and prepares to make his product release. The operator can scan the RFID tag attached to the customer’s tank and the tag data is sent wirelessly back to the truck up to 1000ft away.

If the client’s account information controlled on the RFID tag corresponds with the trucks current GPS coordinates and database customer information an ‘authorization’ message is transmitted back to the handheld display allowing the operator to initiate the delivery.

There is any attempt to unload product without a match between database and the RFID tag data is red flagged, an exemption details is generated in the delivery record showing the operators name, time of day, detail information with volume unloaded, and place. This exception report can also be emailed or sent by text to appropriate supervisory personnel.

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Petroleum Fleet Management with On board computer

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Petroleum Fleet Management with On board computer

This article was published on 2013/11/02