RFID and GPS Child security solutions for School

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Need is the basic root of every invention and discovery. So I just want to begin this knowledge sharing with the need behind child security in schools by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

Basic Need of RFID and GPS tracking system in Schools:

Children are less attended during their periods between school and home. Children's are children's more often they do judgment errors due to age result into their movement in insecure areas in schools.

For parents the peace of mind is less when children are out of house till they are back even for the schools.  Mischievous kids took advantage of the loopholes of the system and can lead to unwanted scenarios.

Advantage of Student Tracking Solution:

School management and Parents are always aware about the real time location of students and children's.  Automatic attendance system helps teachers to save their valuable time. It can also help teacher to record exact time for yearly review of student's discipline.

Alarms and alerts are generated by authorities providing whereabouts of students in real time. No manual maintenance of attendance resister. Removes chance of manual manipulation of records.

Return on Investment Components for School management

Biggest ROI component is peace of mind for both the parents and the school administration

There is no return equal to something where even one life is saved because of real time alert generated from this system. Image of school in terms of security improve, this is the point of differentiation they made among other schools.

This system can attract more parents to get their children admitted in the school. Saving in terms of penalties, bad names image tarnishing when some mishaps takes place

The proposed and implemented solution is based on concept of online, real time tracking of students in school premises and bus by integrating Active RFID system along with GPS and GPRS devices. The Student tracking system in the school premises uses Active RFID system to know the movement of students inside the campus; Active RFID integrated with GPS and GPRS is used to determine availability of student inside at bus at any point of time.

SMS system is integrated in the School system for updates on attendance to the parents and alerts to the school administrators in real time. Same system is integrated with the bus monitoring devices for boarding and disembarking the bus.

For more information regarding the tracking system feel free to email me on sachin.singh@agnicient.com

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RFID and GPS Child security solutions for School

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This article was published on 2010/11/11