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Any person involved in sports betting should know that most people that win big on betting hasn't got any superior skill or some kind of bottom less luck but rather they all have some form of system in place according to SystemSays Sports betting system.  One of the secrets however is to stick to a winning strategy even during loosing periods as changing a system every time a person has a loosing bet will not achieve long term success.

The SystemSays betting system is based on several mathematical algorithms which were developed by the creator of this betting product.  It must be said that a person using this product does not need any know how of specific types of sports as the system claims to be so simple any person with limited sports knowledge can use it.  Another benefit of having a system in place is the fact that it prevents emotions from being part of the betting process as statistics and not emotions are the key to successful betting results according to SystemSays.

Ron Robertson is the developer of the SystemSays Sports betting system.  His qualifications include a Masters degree in Statistics and computer based mathematics from two major universities in the USA.  Ron claims it took him about fifteen years to perfect the system and simply put the system works according to him.  The product works with NFL, MLB, NBA and includes lifetime picks.  The product generates these picks on inputs received on a daily basis and then predicts picks on a daily or weekly basis.  The system does not require any form of software however a person needs an online sportsbook account with an internet connection.  All picks and other information is send to a persons email account.  Picks will only be sent if the winning probability is more than 85%. 

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This article was published on 2010/09/12