Types Of Irrigation Systems

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An irrigation system is a procedure of applying water to soil and is very helpful in keeping a garden or a lawn green and lush. It also saves much of time that is usually spent on watering a garden through a hand-hose.

Irrigation is an important part of maintaining landscape. Here are a few broad categories of irrigation systems.

Sprinkler Irrigation systems

These types of irrigation systems are generally used in public parks, apartment complexes and golf courses. This system is usually installed under the ground. When the pressure builds up, the sprinkler heads come out of the ground and sprays water throughout the area. In rotary sprinkler systems, the water sprays usually cover a large area. Some systems have sprays permanently over the ground. In large farms, center pivot irrigation systems are used that are mounted on towers.

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are the most useful irrigation systems. They are designed to provide 90 per cent efficiency, as compared to sprinkler systems. This system works by dripping water onto a plant's roots. It is also referred to as 'trickle irrigation' owing to its slow watering procedure. Water is distributed directly to the soil through this process, leading to less amount of water wastage.


Anti siphon valves are capable of spraying water from their heads covering an area of 15-20 feet. They can be set up to an angle of 360 degrees. This is one of the most commonly used irrigation systems that are used in residential lawns and gardens.

Gear-driven sprinklers

Gear-driven sprinklers cover a large area and are capable of watering an area that is 25-60 feet in diameter. They rotate in a circular motion and are controlled by the water pressure.

You can choose any irrigation system according to your needs and requirements. A properly installed watering system can help you in maintaining your garden and keeping it green.

An important tip that you can consider using is to designing your watering system beforehand. Keep your focus on your requirements, i.e., what exactly you need to water and the total area of land you need to cover. If you have a small garden or yard, your need will be a small irrigation system. Keeping an estimate prior to installing an irrigation system can help you to chalk out a plan and decide on what type of fittings you would use.
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An irrigation system is a procedure of applying water to soil and keeping a garden or a lawn green and lush. For more information on irrigation systems Madison CT and on irrigation maintenance and service Madison CT, visit Greenwayirrigation.com.

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Types Of Irrigation Systems

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