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The Virtual PBX systems are rapidly gaining popularity among small and growing business enterprises as efficient business phone systems. The unmatched flexibility and portability of Virtual PBX systems give users cell phone like mobility. Gone are the days when getting a business phone system remained an unfulfilled dream for small organizations.


The IP PBX systems are highly affordable enterprise class office phone systems for business organizations that lack finances and resources to buy an expensive business phone system for their professional needs.


Cost effectiveness of Virtual PBX

The Hosted PBX systems are a great relief for enterprises as the PBX services are hosted over the web. Voice and data calls are transferred over the IP as digital packets. Hence, the overall cost of calling is greatly slashed. Calls are charged as per your internet charges and hosting voice calls over the internet saves thousands of dollars on telephony bills annually.


The initial cost of installing a business PBX system is drastically reduced as Hosted PBX VOIP systems do not require any hardware or software for their services. All the features and functionalities are hosted over the web interface and all the hardware is placed at the service provider's premises. So there is no huge and costly equipment to occupy a large portion of office space. You can set up a new department there. This means in terms of ownership and infrastructure costs there is one thumps up for Virtual PBX systems.


No hardware means there is no need to appoint experts or professional technicians to run and monitor your PBX system. Again it saves you a lot of precious money on manpower. As your business expands or needs to upgrade, all this is taken care of by the service provider. In short, there are no expensive upgrades. Any number of extensions can be added easily without disrupting the present phone system.


The benefits don't just end here. A unique feature of Hosted PBX systems is that you can get a desired area code for your virtual number. Whether you live in New York or Australia, you can get a Canada number. That means you can enjoy local calls to Canada while sitting away at home.


Another benefit for business organizations switching to Hosted PBX VOIP systems is that in between office calls are made free. Calls between various extensions in the same office are not charged anything. This hugely cuts down on monthly phone bills.


Switching to Virtual PBX systems also reduces your travel expenses. A number of business meetings and conferences can be carried live with features like video conferencing. Sales meetings, important presentations, upcoming features- all this and more can be shared with employees and people concerned while sitting thousand miles away. It helps in maintaining an organized office environment with real time connectivity. Remote users can easily be integrated over a scalable platform to optimize business production.


A wealth of advanced calling features is also available with the Hosted PBX systems as cherries on top. Call forwarding, call waiting, find me, follow me, voicemail, auto attendant, professional greetings and many such top-of-the-class, sophisticated features are an excellent way to project a Fortune 5000 enterprise image to callers at little additional cost.


Every business organization wants a reliable, high quality business phone system that has great features and attractive add-ons of an enterprise class office communication system that is affordable. The Virtual PBX systems give you all this and more for efficient communication that gives you an edge over your competitors.

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Virtual PBX- Affordable Business Phone Systems

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This article was published on 2011/04/07