Why Is My C Drive Less And Less Space?

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Why is my C drive less and less space? Every time you start WindowsVista, did not do anything, even uninstall some software, but found that C disk space becomes smaller. Is installed Vista, C drive What would have become smaller and smaller, in the end how is it? How to solve the C drive system disk space problem?

As one of 10 most common WindowsVista, the universality of this issue, this is not said, we go directly to the theme, and gives you the perfect solution.

, However, which involves a number of system settings and optimization, although there is no danger, but also suggested that we all look carefully, at least, you need to know principles and methods, can at any time to restore the past. After all, Vista C drive space occupied by some of the reasons, or good on our system, for example, the application cache and so on.

Below, pick up the scalpel, with uncovered VistaC disk space What is the reason more and more small and completely eliminate the culprit.

Remind you In this paper, refers to C drive that is installed on Windows Vista, the letter of , With the C drive on behalf of, you install Vista to another letter, also according calabash gourd painting line up.

A depth of analysis and the perfect solution

1, sleep File  hiberfil.sys: The file in the C root directory for the hidden system files, hidden the hiberfil.sys file and its size is exactly the same physical memory is when you put the computer into hibernation state, WindowsVista before the shutdown of all The memory content is written Hiberfil.sys file. Then, when you re-open the computer, the operating system uses all the information back into memory Hiberfil.sys, computer back to the state before closing. This document will not be deleted WindowsVista, but has been placed on the hard disk will be in vain to occupy part of the Disk Space. With the sleep function on it, sleep function can choose not to, Vista home team were all closed on this hard big. It takes up space, but also frequently hard to read and write. Assassin's t61's that about 4 G over the space.

Vista Safely Remove hibernation file below Method One: Using an administrator to run cmd.exe to open a command line window, and then run: powercfg-hoff, note, C drive residual hiberfil.sys hidden file can unhide, direct Remove.

2, virtual memory pagefile.sys: Windows systems, including Vista, the default setting of 1.5 times the size of physical memory, as paging swap file, if you manage the size of the system, then automatically changes the volume is always increasing. If you have less physical memory, only 512m or 1g, you can choose to retain the document.

If you keep this file, we recommend that you put him in a separate partition which is not, and C drive (system disk) placed together, or, when do you go when Ghost or other backup, or the need to manually remove it . Suggest that you must specify the size, it specified as 1.5 times the size of physical memory can be.

If your memory in the 2G or more, we recommend that you turn off virtual memory function directly, you will find that your entire Windows system is "flying" up.

Way virtual memory settings: Control Panel - Classic view, click inside the system, click Advanced system settings on the left, click on the first set (performance), then click Advanced, in the virtual memory there, click on Settings. Note, C drive pagefile.sys residues can unhide the hidden files, delete it.

3, Superfetch feature to bring the application cache:

Inside the Windows Vista system, use the Superfetch feature new technology

Cleaning Method: Direct to c: \ windows \ prefetch Folder You can delete all the files, or use Vista optimized master key inside a garbage removal system.

4, temporary files generated by the application:

Generally stored in windows \ temp folder, and the user's temp folder folder

Cleaning Method: Direct to c: \ windows \ temp and C: \ Users \ your user name \ AppData \ Local \ Temp folder can delete all files. Or use Vista optimized master key inside a garbage removal system.

5, IE and other browsers temporary files generated:

Cleaning Method: Control Panel, Internet Options inside, remove the cookie and temporary files IE can strongly recommend the use of Vista Master 2.0 Optimization of a function key erase internet traces, in particular, the backup system is best removed before the clean .

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Why Is My C Drive Less And Less Space?

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